Facial Wood Therapy Kit 7 elements + digital gift e-book


If you are dedicated to facial aesthetics, you cannot miss in your set of work elements the Madero facial therapy kit composed of 7 elements made of lotus wood and high quality golden hardware, designed by Madero Aesthetic Therapy Spain®

With this facial wood therapy kit you can make your clients look beautiful and rejuvenated after applying the treatment, eliminate expression lines, raise eyebrows, fill cheekbones, improve and eliminate dark circles, eliminate corners of the lips, reduce double chins, clean impurities, relax facial muscles, tone and firm the skin and much more…

  • The Facial Wood Therapy Kit is made up of 7 elements.

✔ Gift voucher includes

  • Basic facial digital course ebook.
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Face illuminators, artists of eternal youth, the time has come to revolutionize your aesthetic sanctuary with the Facial Wood Therapy Kit! Forget about beauty filters; With this wonder in your hands, you are the wizards who wipe out years with a simple touch of wood!

Introducing your new magic wand: a set of 7 sacred tools, carved from the mythical lotus wood and adorned with golden hardware that would make Midas himself blush. Designed by the alchemists of Madero Terapia Estética Spain®, this kit has the power to make the mirror your clients’ best friend.

Drooping eyebrows? Let’s raise them to Olympus! Undefined cheekbones? Let us mold them to divine perfection! With legendary abilities to annihilate treacherous dark circles, fade expression lines and transform a double chin into legend, each session becomes a spectacle where youth is restored with applause and laughter.

And that’s not all, because with each kit, a gift voucher materializes, like the rabbit that the magician pulls out of the hat. It’s not a beauty session, it’s an act of rejuvenating magic! Let’s welcome the era where the elixirs of youth are a thing of the past, and wood therapy reigns supreme!


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