Complete Wood Metal Body Wood Therapy


The Complete Wood metal Body Wood Therapy Kit contains 14 elements that will help you complete a wood therapy and metal therapy session with great results for your client@s.

With this kit you can perform professional massages, shaping the body, reducing the most stubborn cellulite and effectively breaking down fat.

The kit contains:
1 Large Swedish Cup
1 Small Swedish Cup
2 Reducing mushrooms
1 cup with rolling pin
2 Anti-cellulite cylinders
1 Serrated Shaping Board
1 Fluted roller
1 Roller 4 cubes
1 Curved Roller
1 Metal Anti-Inflammatory Reducing Mushroom
1 Metal Shaping Serrated Board
1 Swedish metal cup.


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Attention, aesthetics professionals and rejuvenation wizards! Leave fairy tales in the past and say hello to the magic wand of the century: the Complete Wood Metal Body Wood Therapy Kit! With an army of 14 indomitable elements, this kit is the master key to opening a world where cellulite is a myth and fat a legend.

Are you ready to become the hero or heroine in the saga against unwanted skin? Get ready to wield rollers like someone wielding swords, banishing the most daring cellulite into oblivion and sculpting muscles worthy of a Greek statue.

But that’s not all; There’s more adventure in this treasure chest! Your magic wand (aka roller) will be the envy of the kingdom, transforming ordinary massages into fat-busting spells like a well-cast spell. Meanwhile, the cups and boards function as your loyal squires, fighting valiantly in every pitched battle against flaccidity.

This kit is not for the faint of heart, but for those brave who dare to challenge the limits of what is possible. With humor and a touch of magic, get ready to tell stories of great feats in each session, where your client@s become the protagonists of their own tales of transformation and triumph!