Swedish Metaltherapy Cup


Are you unable to shape your client’s body effectively? Do you only see short-term results?

It is time to discover the Swedish Metaltherapy Cup, highly effective in reducing localized fat, the most stubborn cellulite and shaping the body by marking.

A key piece in any Metaltherapy or Wood Therapy session, the Swedish cup made of aluminum and designed by the Maderoterapia Estética España® school, is a great ally to reduce buttocks, firm the skin and perform good hemolymphatic drainage .


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Frustrated with ephemeral results in body reshaping? The solution is here with the Swedish Metaltherapy Cup! Leave despair behind and welcome lasting transformation. This isn’t just a tool; It’s the answer to your cries for efficient body shaping and the tenacious removal of that stubborn cellulite.

Made of resistant aluminum, the Swedish Cup, meticulously designed by Maderoterapia Estética España®, not only promises, but delivers results! Forget about conventional methods and embrace the revolution of Metal Therapy. From buttock reduction to visibly firmed skin, this marvel of massage technology is dedicated to delivering that stunning change your clients crave.

Also, hemolymphatic drainage? Of course, it’s another superpower of this stellar tool. Get ready for an avalanche of quotes when word spreads about the magical results of your Swedish Metaltherapy Cup!