New Anti-Cellulite Wood Therapy Kit


Did you know that 90% of women today have cellulite? With this anti-cellulite wood therapy kit you can apply reducing and anti-cellulite massages professionally, thus achieving the best results in your sessions or specialized center.

Professional Anti-Cellulite Wood Therapy Kit
is composed of 6 elements, made of pine wood and natural lotus designed by Maderoterapia Estética España®.

  • Anti-cellulite wood therapy kit contains 7 elements + FREE Masterclass
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Red alert, beauty professionals! Cellulite, that cunning invader that affects 90% of women, is about to find its nemesis in our brand new Anti-Cellulite Wood Therapy kit. It’s time to spark in the massage parlor and turn those stubborn cumulus clouds into nothing more than a distant memory!

Ready for an epic of reduction and smoothness? With these 6 pine and lotus wood shields, forged in the enchanted forests by the virtuosos of Madero Terapia Estética España®, every touch is a step towards victory. From the brave Reducing Mushroom, who goes into battle not once, but twice!, to the Swedish Cup with a roller, a heroine who spins and softens as if she were ice skating to defeat imperfections.

Laugh in the face of danger and tickle the dreaded cellulite with the Anti-Cellulite Cylinder, or defy the laws of gravity with the bold Serrated Shaping Board! This kit isn’t just a set of tools, it’s a team of superheroes waiting to unfold their magic!

So, dear beauty warriors, get ready to massage like never before and transform your center into a bastion of renewed bodies and jubilant souls! Go ahead, attack!


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