New Professional Firming Metal Therapy Kit


Discover the incredible Metaltherapy Kit from the Madero Aesthetic Therapy School Spain®
This high-quality, precision-engineered kit gives you all the tools you need to achieve an effective and professional metal therapy experience

The Metaltherapy Kit includes 4 essential elements made of resistant aluminum and designed by the renowned Madero Aesthetic Therapy School Spain®:

1. Metal Therapy Cup: This metallic Swedish cup is highly effective in reducing localized fats, stubborn cellulite and skin firming. In addition, its anatomical design allows for marking movements and hemolymphatic drainage, improving circulation and helping to reduce the appearance of the buttocks.

2. Metaltherapy Mushroom/Mushroom: This anti-inflammatory reducing mushroom is the starting element in every metal therapy session. Its main function is to reduce inflammation of the treated areas, including encapsulated fat and cellulite. It also helps to tone and firm the skin, enhancing the results obtained with the Swedish cup.

3. Metaltherapy Shaping Board: The metal serrated board allows you to firm, tone the skin and shape the buttocks. Its ergonomic shape and specific design allow precise movements to be made for visible and long-lasting results.

4. Metal Therapy Knuckle: Metal knuckle is an essential tool for activating circulation and treating muscle fiber. Its ergonomic design and aluminum construction ensure comfortable and effective use. Use this knuckle to work on specific areas and fatigue the muscle fiber, promoting relaxation and recovery.

With the Metaltherapy Kit from the Madero Aesthetic Therapy School Spain®, you will be able to shape your body, reduce cellulite, eliminate localized fat and firm your skin effectively and professionally. Take advantage of the benefits of metal therapy and get visible results thanks to this complete kit manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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Dear beauty gurus and rejuvenation alchemists: the 4-element Metaltherapy kit has arrived, a revolution in firmness and toning. Ready to arm yourself with a tool that promises to transform beauty sessions into magical experiences? This isn’t just a kit; It is the elixir of youth in aluminum. Forget the potions and incantations of yesteryear. With Metal Therapy, they will make gravity look like a joke and make their clients feel like rock stars defying gravity. Get ready to firm, tone and generate laughter in each session!