Metaltherapy Reducing Mushroom


Do you want to reduce the inflammation of your clients? With the Natural Anti-Inflammatory Reducing Mushroom you can deepen the treatment to reduce inflammation of both encapsulated fat and cellulite… That is why it is the first element used in a session, it also firms and tones when worked together with the Swedish cup, with gentle movements.

The Metalterapia Anti-inflammatory Reducing Mushroom is made of aluminum and designed by the Maderoterapia Estética school Spain®



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Transform every session into a miracle of well-being with the Metalterapia Anti-Inflammatory Reducing Mushroom! This isn’t just an accessory; It is the answer to these annoying inflammations and the perfect ally to combat cellulite at its root. Made with robust and shiny aluminum, its design from the prestigious Madero Aesthetic Therapy Spain® school is not only a guarantee of quality, but a promise of revolutionary results.

Encapsulated fat? A thing of the past! This slimming mushroom knows no limits and, together with the Swedish glass, creates a dynamic duo capable of toning and firming the skin, restoring its freshness and vitality. Become the magician of metal therapy, offering a unique, effective and, above all, deeply satisfying experience. Because every client deserves a stellar treatment, and with this slimming mushroom, you’ll be delivering just that!