Knuckle Firming Body Metal Therapy


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Discover the revolutionary Nudillar from the Dori L├│pez School of Aesthetic Wood Therapy Spain, the essential ergonomic accessory for your practice of Aesthetic Wood Therapy! Made from aluminum alloy and polished by hand, this knuckle offers visible and long-lasting therapeutic benefits.


­čîč Outstanding benefits:

– Ultra light: Work with less effort and manual loading, allowing you to perform your sessions more comfortably and efficiently.

– Ergonomic: Its rectangular base provides perfect support for the therapist’s hand, ensuring proper posture and facilitating maneuvers without additional effort.

– Long Lasting: The high-quality metal ensures that this work tool stays in excellent condition over the years, without wearing out.

– No pain or discomfort: Designed to offer a pleasant experience to your clients, knuckling allows you to make smooth movements without causing discomfort.


­čĺ╝ Directions:

Ideal for reactivating circulation in anti-cellulite, shaping and reducing massages. Thanks to its shape and weight, you can use two knuckles at once to work with both hands and get even more effective results.


­čöž How to use:

Hook the knuckle fin between your index and middle fingers and rest your hand on the metal base. Perform the maneuvers on the desired area. The 32 knuckles of progressive heights will help fatigue the muscle fiber, relaxing it and accelerating its recovery.


ԺɴŞĆ Additional recommendation:

For even more effective results, we recommend using the creams from the Dori L├│pez School of Aesthetic Wood Therapy Spain during your Wood Therapy treatments.


The Dori L├│pez School of Aesthetic Wood Therapy Spain is a leader in training and products of Maderotherapy. Their products, including the Nudillar, offer 100% effective and visible results from the first session. Trust the quality and experience of the Dori L├│pez Aesthetic Wood Therapy School Spain and enhance your Wood Therapy treatments!