Metal Wood Prime Kit – Wood Therapy and Metaltherapy


It’s time to neutralise that most stubborn cellulite and shape the body naturally and with great benefits in the medium to long term!

The New METAL WOOD PRIME Kit, thanks to the wooden rollers, with its high anti-cellulite effectiveness, and the complete METALTHERAPY kit, designed to activate the lymphatic system and perform a body shaping like you had never imagined.

The perfect combination for a massage session that will not leave your client indifferent… She will always be grateful to you

The Metal Wood Prime Kit is composed of 6 elements:

  1. Curved roller
  2. Fluted roller
  3. 4-cube roller
  4. Metallic Swedish Cup
  5. Anti-inflammatory metal reducing mushroom
  6. Metal toothed board
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Get ready for a revolution in your aesthetic practice with the Metal Wood Prime Kit! Forget about conventional treatments and immerse yourself in an experience where the fusion of techniques with wood and metal redefines well-being and beauty. This kit isn’t just a set of tools; It’s a first-class ticket to a surprising body transformation.

We start the adventure with the curved roller, waking up your skin and turning on those blood and lymphatic systems as if they were rocket engines. Then the fluted roller enters the scene, dancing on the skin with poetic movements that whisper goodbye to fearful fat.

Now, are you ready for the powerful Maderoterapia 4-cube roller? Nicknamed the ‘belly-flattening’, he works as a hero dedicated to combating the villains of the most stubborn fat.

But that’s not all: the metallic Swedish cup doesn’t play when it comes to reducing fat and shaping the body, while the metal anti-inflammatory reducing mushroom is the magician that decreases inflammation, leaving your skin firm and toned like Olympic runners.

We end our transformation session with the metal serrated board, which promises to firm and tone, acting like a passionate sculptor in every corner of your body. It’s time to show off that art!