Colombian Styles Kit (8 elements) ❗New❗


Did you know that 90% of women today have cellulite and would like to shape their body? With this NEW COLOMBIAN STYLES KIT of 8 elements you can apply shaping and anti-cellulite massages professionally thus achieving the best results in your sessions or specialized center.

The COLOMBIAN STYLES professional KIT is composed of 8 elements, made of natural beech wood designed by Maderoterapia Estética España®.

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Get ready for a revolution in the world of aesthetics with our new kit! Forget empty promises and mediocre results. Here comes the secret weapon that all beauty professionals need in their arsenal to fight against the most feared archenemies: stubborn cellulite, localized fat, and skin that has renounced resistance.

Introducing the ultimate kit, comprised of not one, but nine heroic elements that have taken on the noble task of restoring each body to its original glory! Witnesses of his courage are:

  1. Swedish Cup Hague: It’s not a trophy, but boy does it deserve it! Designed to suck the wickedness out of cellulite and boldly firm.
  2. Beech roller cup: The perfect combination of vacuum and massage to leave no trace of fat in your path.
  3. Beech Reducing Mushroom/Mushroom: Attack, brave mushroom! It reduces, molds and combats the empire of adipocytes.
  4. Serrated Shaping Board: Sharpen your strategy and sculpt without fear. Goodbye, stubborn fat!
  5. 3 barrel beech roller: Rotation and pressure, the perfect duality for firm, barricade-free skin.
  6. Beech 4 cube roller: Four heroes, one mission: to restore softness and firmness.
  7. Beech Curved Roller: With its masterful arch, it adapts and conquers the curves of each territory.
  8. Beech Diamond Roller: The jewel in the crown, resplendent in its fight for a skin worthy of a diamond.

It’s not fantasy, it’s aesthetic science turned into art! This kit will not only transform bodies, but will turn every session into an epic adventure. With gallantry and humor, get ready to redefine the boundaries of beauty and make every client feel like royalty!