Couple of Swedish Cups with Maderoterapia Roller


Undo cellulite, lift buttocks and firm the skin?
Very easy with the pair of Swedish roller glasses for very specific areas where intense massage effect is required.

The Swedish roller cups are made of pine and lotus wood, designed by Madero Aesthetic Therapy Spain®

Swedish roller cups help us to work specific areas of the body with great intensity, favoring the elimination of very resistant fats and cellulite, as well as having an amplifying and complementary effect with other elements to lift buttocks effectively.

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Transform bodies and improve lives with Maderoterapia’s Swedish roller cups! 🌟 Cellulitis?
Sagging buttocks?
Firm skin?
Say goodbye to all these problems!
Become a beauty and wellness wizard with Swedish roller cups, specifically designed to treat those stubborn areas that defy other methods.

These are not simple glasses; They are your allies, made of high-quality pine and lotus wood , ready to work wonders on the skin.
Imagine your clients’ satisfaction as they see their cellulite fade and their buttocks rise as if by magic, all thanks to your hands and these magnificent tools!

And no, you’re not dreaming, these instruments weigh only 0.46 kg!
Light as a feather but powerful as a beauty spell.
Take them with you and get ready to change lives, one session of Wood Therapy at a time.