Body & anti-cellulite kit Classic 7 elements


With the Body & Anti-Cellulite Kit Classic 7 elements + Online Course (Not certified) you can apply the complete treatment of Wood Therapy to reduce centimeters, eliminate cellulite and shape the body contour effectively.

This pack contains:

  1. Fluted roller.
  2. 4-cube roller
  3. Curved roller.
  4. Large Swedish Cup.
  5. Swedish cup with roller.
  6. Reducing Mushroom/Mushroom.
  7. Serrated shaping board.
  8. FREE Masterclass
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Aesthetic professionals, architects of body beauty, it’s time to elevate your skills to a legendary level with the Classic Body & Anti-Cellulite Kit! They unpack the power of a complete treatment that not only declares war on cellulite and those stubborn inches, but reshapes the body landscape of their clients, turning mountains into perfect sand dunes.

Within this arsenal of seven masterful tools, you’ll find everything from the Fluted Roller, a warrior against orange peel, to the mythical Reducing Mushroom, which crushes cellulite like a fearless fairytale hero. Each element is designed to be a faithful companion in your aesthetic feats.

And wait, there’s more! Do you see that glow of wisdom on the horizon? It is the FREE MASTERCLASS that accompanies this kit, illuminating its path to infallible techniques and ancestral secrets of wood therapy.

Armad@s with knowledge and the right weapons, they will be list@s to transform, tone and succeed. Go ahead, brave beauty sculptors, your odyssey to amazing results begins now!