Bamboo Anti-Cellulite Massage Kit


Are you looking to elevate your wood therapy sessions or get started with this revolutionary technique?

Our Bamboo Massage Anti-Cellulite Kit is the perfect tool for both experienced wood therapists and those who want to discover the power of this practice.
With 11 pieces designed to combat cellulite, firm the skin and reduce sizes, this kit is essential for those looking for professional results in the treatment of critical areas such as buttocks, legs and abdomen.
Transform both your self-massage sessions and those you offer to your clients with this comprehensive kit.

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The Bamboo Massage Anti-Cellulite Kit is a meticulous selection of 11 wood therapy tools, ideal for wood therapists and those who want to explore this technique at home.
Each piece has been carefully chosen to offer a comprehensive anti-cellulite and skin firming treatment.

Kit Contents:

  1. Shaping Board: Ideal for working on wide areas, helping to smooth the skin and prepare the body for more specific treatments.
  2. Anti-cellulite Reducing Mushroom: Designed to treat areas with concentrated cellulite, improving circulation and facilitating the breakdown of fat.
  3. Swedish Cup Empty Style: It uses the power of vacuum to stimulate lymphatic drainage, improving skin texture and reducing cellulite.
  4. Mini Cup: Perfect for smaller and more delicate areas, offering a more focused treatment.
  5. Self-Massage Massage Belt: It allows the user or professional to apply effective massages without additional effort.
  6. Mini Bucket Roller: Ideal for sensitive areas, it provides a gentle yet effective massage.
  7. Long Bucket Roller: It covers larger areas, promoting the elimination of toxins.
  8. Anti-Cellulite Massage Roller: Specially designed to break down fat nodules, smoothing the appearance of the skin.
  9. Bamboo Roller Large, Medium and Small: These different sized rollers are versatile for the entire body, from smoothing large areas to treating specific areas with precision.

For Professionals and Beginners: This kit not only facilitates beginners’ initiation into the world of wood therapy with easy-to-use tools and clear instructions, but also enriches the practices of professionals by offering a range of tools for a more detailed and personalized treatment according to the client’s needs.

Kit Benefits:

  • Specialization in Critical Areas: Tools designed for a targeted and efficient approach.
  • Visible Results: Noticeable improvements in skin texture, reduction of cellulite and more defined silhouette.
  • Premium Quality: High-quality materials guarantee the durability and effectiveness of the treatment.

The Bamboo Massage Anti-Cellulite Kit is more than just a set of tools; It is an investment towards superior results in skin care and body wellness. With this kit, both professionals and beginners can transform their practice and experience in wood therapy.